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Greg McCarthy - Personal Injury & Statutory Insurance Specialist


A Bit About Me and a Big Thanks

I retired from ReturnToWorkSA in Dec 2016 after four years as CEO during a period of significant reform and scheme improvement both financially and culturally. As I transition to retirement I can say that my time at RTWSA was the most rewarding role of my career, the most challenging and a most satisfying one to end out what is likely to be my full time working life (though you can never say never). I enjoyed my four years very much in Adelaide where I was able to fulfil a career ambition to transform a work injury insurance scheme by improving service to injured workers and providing more affordable premiums to employers. RTWSA is a scheme now focused on better health and durable return to work outcomes. To those of you who supported me in my role at RTWSA, the Deputy Premier John Rau, the RTWSA Board and especially the excecutive team and dedicated staff at RTWSA I thank you all very much. This was truly a team effort.

My wife Soula and I enjoyed our time in Adelaide very much and have made some wonderful lifelong friends. To those of you who made our time in Adelaide very enjoyable Soula and I thank you. Hopefully, as we head back to our home town of Cronulla, I will get some more time on the bike and time to return to my lifelong passion of surfing and most importantly to spend more time with my beautiful and supportive wife.

I remain passionate about the business of statutory insurance and especially working to ensure these schemes support better health outcomes for those who are injured whilst ensuring schemes remain affordable and that those that are expected to provide service are held accountable for doing so. I will keep my options open should the right opportunity present in the future to contribute further to this ideal.

A Bit About My Career

I have specialised in Statutory Insurance including Work Injury (workers compensation), Compulsory Third Party (CTP) and Builders Home Warranty both as a regulator and insurer.

Current Roles:-
- Chairman, ReturnToWork SA
- Industry Consultant

Past experience includes:-
- CEO ReturnToWorkSA (formerly WorkCoverSA)
- Director Motor Accident Commission SA
- Chairman NSW WorkCover Authority
- Chairman NSW Home Builders Warranty Insurance Scheme
- Chairman NSW Occupational Health & Safety and Workers Compensation Advisory Council
- Chairman NSW Home Building Advisory Council
- Director StateCover Mutual (APRA approved specialist local government work injury insurer)
- National General Manager for both CTP & Workers Compensation private sector insurers
- Former owner/operator of a large rehabilitation provider, Workplace Injury Management Services (WIMS), which was sold in 2003

Culture, Service and Data

Data is key when you’re in the insurance business. One of the first things I did when I started at WorkCoverSA (nowRTWSA) was to look at how we use data and how we could improve the way we use it to better understand what was driving the behaviour of the scheme.

To read more about how Culture, Service and Data was used to transform a poorly performing WorkCoverSA into a high performing ReturnToWorkSA CLICK HERE

Insights for Success in Work Injury Insurance and Regulation

A personal view of key principles and lessons for successfully managing and regulating a work injury insurance jurisdiction. The paper I produced for the RTWSA Board was submitted to the Actuaries Institute's Injury and Disability Seminar where it won the 2017 Taylor Fry Prize. To read the paper CLICK HERE

Why I took on the Role of CEO at ReturnToWorkSA

In 2005 as Chairperson of the NSW Workers Compensation and Workplace Occupational Health and Safety Council I provided the Minister of the day with a recommendation on behalf of the Council for the introduction of a "Post Accident Assessment" to be delivered by the Claims Agents..... to read more CLICK HERE

My Other Activities

When not involved with my professional life I like to surf, cycle and take photographs. You can view my images of these activities at the links above:-


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